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De-Vulcanised Rubber (Reclaim Rubber)

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De-Vulcanised Rubber today is not so difficult like it was some years ago. This is because; previously or some years ago, so many people did not see the importance of recycling rubber.

The process for De-Vulcanised Rubber is a very simple one especially when the right machinery is used. Machinery used to De-Vulcanised Rubber produces maximum heat that melts and softens the waste rubber which can be used for many products.

After the rubber is melted, there are people in charge of ensuring that the right machines are used to reshape melted rubber into a variety of products. These companies have always helped to ensure that the environment is safe and free from all types of poisonous substances.


  • Recovered rubber has some properties that are better than those of virgin rubber.
  • Producing rubber from reclaim requires less energy in the total production process than does virgin material.
  • It is an excellent way to dispose of unwanted rubber products, which is often difficult.
  • It conserves non-renewable petroleum products, which are used to produce synthetic rubbers.
  • Recycling activities can generate work m countries.
  • When rubber is properly recycled and not burnt, the environment is being saved from self-destruction and the many damaging ways of humans. Reclaimed rubber is the only way to preserve and also reuse rubber for the good of the human race.
  • Replace Natural and Substitute Rubber in Every Way
  • When rubber is recycled, the very best economic stability.


De-Vulcanised Rubber widely use in

  • Passenger Tyres, OTR tyres
  • Rubber Mat, Door Mat.
  • Machine Parts, Molded Rubber Products
  • Buckets, Chair, Baskets, Disposable bins
  • Slippers, shoes and Footwear
  • Pens, rubber sumps, rubber badges, rubber files, rubber pins.
  • Batteries
  • Decorative Hems, Rubber buckets, Rubber baskets, and Rubber Bottles
  • Wires, cables, rubber spoons, rubber bowls.
  • Waterproof clothes, rubber glasses, spectacles.
  • Also, reclaimed rubber can be used for carpels, used in construction
  • Earrings, rubber bands, rubber bracelets, etc.


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