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Ballistic Rubber Tiles

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Ballistic tiles are designed for use in shooting ranges and gun clubs. These extra thick and extremely durable rubber tiles assist in ricochet reduction and help to reduce noise levels at firing ranges.

Ballistic tiles can be loose laid in a wall to wall installation or adhered in place using a little double sided carpet tape or polyurethane adhesive.

Sunflex Ballistic Tiles are generally used for shooting range areas and walls. Bullets are trapped inside the tiles.

Rubber ballistic tiles help to provide sound abatement and ricochet protection in commercial, military and law enforcement shooting ranges.

Material information

It is made from composite of recycled crumb rubber and proprietary urethane adhesive.

Sunflex also manufacture virgin rubber ballistic tiles also which is customize as per customer requirements.

  • Recycle Rubber Tiles - Recycled rubber tiles offer cost effective solution, reclaiming waste rubber into safety barriers for floors, walls and ceilings.
  • Vulcanized Virgin Rubber - Vulcanized rubber offers significant advantages compared to recycled rubber tiles. Extreme durability and resilience are the high points resulting in a much longer life in service.

Size and Thickness

Thickness – 50mm

Length = 500 mm

Width = 500 mm


We can also develop the customize rubber high density interlocks block for shooting ranges also.

Rubber blocks can be made after order confirmation with customers size and requirements.

Ballistic rubber blocks are meant for direct fire as a backstop and are designed to encapsulate rounds, defeat ricochet, reduce splatter, and airborne lead.

Size: 24"L x 12"W x 9"h

Weight: 90 lbs


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