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Crumb rubber recovered @ 65-70 % of waste tyres is in the form of crumb rubber of different size.

Crumb rubber is defined as rubber that has been reduced to a particle size of 3/8-inch or less. Mesh, or sieve size, is commonly used to describe or measure the size of crumb rubber. Crumb rubber is sized by the mesh screen or sieve through which it passes in the production process. A 30 mesh means there are 30 holes, or openings, per linear inch of screen.

Application of Crumb Rubber

Application of Crumb Rubber Current market
Tyre Crumb Rubber has wide use in new tyre manufacturing; it is saving a natural rubber.
Roads IIndia uses approximately 50,000 ton of crumb in roads each year.
Molded products There is a wide range of products made from rubber and synthetics where rubber crumb could be used.
Paving products Crumb Rubber is also used for Paving Products and has a large Potential
New rubber products Rubber crumb is added in to rubber compound and subsequently into tyres and other rubbc' products.
Adhesives Tile adhesive is reputedly one of the biggest users of rubber crimb.
Sports Predominantly 'soft fall" material in playgrounds. Every Olympic class playground will use it


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