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Play Area Rubber Tiles

  • Sunflex Rubber produce play area rubber tiles for the children play area which is superior solution for playground and path ways.
  • The tiles are manufacture environmentally friendly from crumb rubber granules and premium epdm rubber granules on top surfaces.
  • Sunflex Rubber play area tiles are made in 100% epdm rubber granules which is more hygienic and UV stable in nature.
  • EPDM rubber (ethylene propylene diene monomer (M-class) rubber), a type of synthetic rubber, is an elastomer characterized by a wide range of applications.
  • EPDM rubber flooring is the best quality flooring. It involves epdm rubber granules that are self-pigmented in nature. Hence making it last longer than the SBR variant. And they come in brighter colour shades.
  • SBR flooring is the next best option after EPDM. Its granules are pre-coated with colour and hence the shades available are slightly darker.
  • We have launch 19 different types of sunflex epdm rubber granule tiles with designer series.
  • We have also launch sunflex epdm rubber granules for children play area applications. Sunflex offers 19 colours of EPDM rubber granules with an exceptionally high polymer content for durability in wet pour installations.
  • Design content has been written down to copy and paste in your system. Photograph has been attach in folder of play area rubber tiles.

What is the biggest advantages of EPDM RUBBER GRANULE TILES?

  • It has more UV protected in all weather conditions.
  • Virgin rubber Tiles.
  • More hygienic Material.
  • Good durability in outdoors.
  • 19 different colour options available with designer speckle series

We can simply install anywhere at children play area surfaces.

You can simply just fix it to outdoor play area surfaces with great thickness like 25 to 50mm.

Available Colours

  • Chocolate

    Code: 80
  • Dark Blue

    Code: 30
  • Golden Yellow

    Code: 21
  • Grey

    Code: 10
  • Ivory

    Code: 71
  • Light Blue

    Code: 31
  • Lime Green

    Code: 41
  • Orange

    Code: 60
  • Pink

    Code: 02
  • Purple

    Code: 50
  • Red

    Code: 01
  • Slate Grey

    Code: 11
  • Spring Green

    Code: 41
  • Teal

    Code: 40
  • Terracotta Red

    Code: 00
  • Yellow

    Code: 20

Some Important Points to be considered!

  • Consider the small area of 30-50 square meter at kindergarten, council, backyard residential, garden areas.
  • To cover such small areas with safety flooring which are located outdoors, sbr rubber tiles are not weather effective.
  • The best options to protect kids by poured in place with epdm rubber granules. Due to small area 70% distributors, professional fitters are not interested to poured in place because it creates huge expense for them.
  • Price of the basic material, transportation, installation increases to hike considering very costly to covered small areas with safety floorings.
  • It is our responsibility to covered small areas with safety floorings.
  • To complete task we have introduce edpm rubber tiles. Top 5mm rubber tiles surfaces are covered with epdm rubber granules.
  • The polymer content of the epdm rubber granules is 25%.
  • Poured in place need maintenance after some years. Epdm rubber tiles are compacted with hot mold resulting maintenance free safety surfacing.
Weather Proof
19 different Bright Colours
Virgin, hygienic & premium quality

Great Features

  • Available in 19 different epdm rubber granules pigments.
  • Available in variety of thickness.
  • Bevelled edges at side to protect rubber tiles.
  • Creates Colourful bright designs.
  • UV protected in all weather conditions.
  • Hygienic and Virgin Rubber Tiles.
  • Premium Segment for Rubber Tiles.
  • Purchase at good economically prices. Price match guarantee.



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